Paid Streaming Services Issues

A common feature that presenters may want to perform is streaming educational programs and videos through paid streaming services such as Netflix, Stan, ABC iView etc. When trying to cast the content to a Vivi device users may find that the audio signal will play however, the video will be unviewable (black or blue screens).

Vivi will allow the streaming of content from paid streaming services to the devices but unfortunately due to Copyright laws the content may be prevented from being cast. This is caused by a form of digital copyright protection called HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection).

This is an issue which is cannot be resolved by Vivi and there are limited work arounds although we have been advised that some browsers and devices may be able to bypass HDCP.

Some customers have tried to use different browsers or devices with success but this will also vary depending on browser version, device firmware etc. We have also found that using the hardware acceleration features in browsers is successful in bypassing HDCP.


  1. From the upper-right of your Chrome browser, click the three dots icon.

  2. Select Settings.

  3. Click Advanced and select System.

  4. Disable Use hardware acceleration when available.