Announcements, Windows App Auto Update, and Info Bar Customisation

What’s Changed?

  • Announcements:

    • View records of message announcements and stop a message in Vivi Central.

    • View message details and destination.

    • Create announcement groups.

    • View details of the group, associated rooms, assign user permissions, and view history.

    • To access: Navigate to the 'Announcements' section in Vivi Central.

  • App Auto Update for Windows:

    • Enable Windows clients to auto update.

    • To access: Navigate to 'Organisations', then go to 'Details'.

  • Info Bar Content:

    • Display different info bar content: clock, organisation name, location name, or custom text.

    • To access: Navigate to 'Organisations', then go to 'Features'.

  • Splash Style:

    • Choose between Black or Blue info bar on the splash screen.

    • To access: Navigate to 'Splash', then select 'Assign Splash'.

Who does this affect?

All IT admins, super admins and announcers.