Vivi Receiver Release 2.2.0 / App Release 2.15.0 (Recommended)

What's changed?

  • Display Settings Page in the Vivi App: We will now differentiate between the room and the display settings with a new Display Settings button, shown next to the Room Settings button on the main screen.
  • Updates to Privacy Mode: Our Privacy Mode feature is now an individual presenter setting, instead of a room setting and is located on the Display Settings page.
  • Chromebook Optimization: We have optimized Vivi for Chromebooks to give teachers and their students an enhanced experience.
  • Room Code Overlays: When a teacher opens the App and attempts to connect to a room which is already in use by another presenter who has left, the Room Code will appear on the bottom left corner of the display, so they can take control.
  • Annotation Tool Fix: When using the text tool in Annotation Mode, if the user clicks on another area of the screen then the text tool will remain selected, instead of changing to the positioning tool.
  • Stability Improvements: Improving performance and synchronization with cloud infrastructure.

Who does this affect?

All Vivi users.

Who should update to this release?

It is recommended that all users upgrade to this version, especially those with Chromebooks. A Receiver firmware update is needed to take full advantage of the improvements to Chromebook streaming.

Download Vivi Receiver Firmware 2.2.0