Vivi Receiver Release 2.5.3 / App Release 2.18.4 (Optional)

What's changed?

  • Video Streams - RTSP and HLS video streams can now be used with Digital Signage and Video Direct.

  • Digital Signage Improvements - Digital Signage schedules can now be configured to take precedence over sharing.

  • Remote Survey - Vivi now incorporates a remote survey that can be used with students outside of the classroom environment.

  • Proxy Popup - Fixed an issue that stopped the Vivi App proxy popup from working in some circumstances.

Who does this affect?

All Vivi users.

Who should update to this release?

Customers wanting to use video streams or customers affected by the issue with the proxy popup.

We always recommend that you test new releases in your environment before rolling out organization wide.

Download Vivi Receiver Firmware 2.5.3