Vivi Receiver Release 2.7.1 / App Release 2.20.1 (Optional)

What's changed?

  • Live Broadcast - Users now have the ability to share their desktops while broadcasting and have controls to toggle their mic and camera on and off.

  • Digital Signage - Further enhancements to Digital Signage to improve performance for websites with embedded video and Google Slides with complex transitions.

  • Chromebook Audio - Fixed issues with audio on Chromebook introduced with the release of Chrome OS 84.

Who does this affect?

All Vivi users.

Who should update to this release?

Digital Signage users, Chromebook users and those who want to take advantage of the new Live Broadcast features.

We always recommend that you test new releases in your environment before rolling out organization wide.


Download Vivi Receiver Firmware 2.7.1