Vivi Receiver Release 3.6.0 / App Release 3.6.0 (Recommended)

What’s changed?

  • Play Content: Elevated Play Video to Play Content with a new interface and support for a variety of content types including: PowerPoint, PDFs and images along with existing video and audio support.

  • Share Screen Timer: Added an on screen timer which presenters can display while screen sharing.

  • Feature Nudges: Added in-app micro-learning to the app for various features.

  • Improved Power Utilisation: The Vivi app now uses Bluetooth more efficiently, reducing the amount of power it consumes and increasing battery life.

  • Client Accessibility Improvements: Enhanced the feature icons, labels and headers to improve accessibility.

  • WebRTC Screen Sharing: Added 1080p support for Windows, macOS, Linux, Chromebook and the Vivi web app.

  • Cloud Firmware Update: Bug fixes and improvements.

Who does this affect?

All users.

Who should update to this release?

All users.

We always recommend that you test new releases in your environment before rolling out organization wide.

Download Vivi Receiver Firmware 3.6.0