Vivi Receiver Release 3.6.2 / App Release 3.6.2 (Optional)

What’s changed?

  • Play Content on the web app: Added support for local video and other content types as part of Play Content.

  • Emergencies improvements: Added support to trigger emergencies on sub-locations and made the triggers more resilient.

  • Installer App: Added installer notes field on the app, made the approval workflow optional for admins and fixed other bugs.

  • Whiteboard: Improved custom backgrounds for improved accessibility on the app and the Vivi enabled displays.

  • Minor bug fixes and reliability improvements.

Who does this affect?

All users.

Who should update to this release?

All users.

We always recommend that you test new releases in your environment before rolling out organization wide.

Download Vivi Receiver Firmware 3.6.2