3.1. Control Screen - Legacy App

Pause: Pause an active stream on the display, leaving a static piece of content, freeing up the device to undertake other activities.

Volume Control: Control the volume of any content that is being shared to the display, from the Vivi App on the device.

Stop: Any current session of screen sharing, including those started by other presenters will be stopped.

Present My Screen: Begins sharing your screen to the room. If you're using an Apple device, you will need to activate AirPlay. On-screen instructions will appear automatically if this is required.

Play a Video Direct: Play a video directly from the internet, via the Vivi Box, (such as YouTube) or locally from the PC and network. This feature gives high quality video play. You can also continue using your device while a video plays on the room's main TV or projector screen.

Give Student Control: You will see a list of all connected students in the room. You are able to handover screen sharing control to any student listed. Alternatively, if a student makes a request for control, a hand icon will appear in the button on the control screen.

Share Link with Room: Share an internet link with everyone in the room. This link will be displayed on all connected devices in the room.

Annotate: Contains an annotation suite including options to annotate on a screenshot, a blank virtual whiteboard or a background image virtual whiteboard.

Capture: Capture and save what is currently being displayed on the screen.

Room : Access temporary room settings and Invite a Guest to share their screen.

Display: Includes a Movie Mode option (a two second delay on videos to improve stream stability), Privacy Mode (disable screen capturing) and subtitles toggle.