Vivi Central Change Log



What’s Changed? Wi-Fi Easy Installer: Create Installation profiles and add Installers to manage device deployments. Manage approvals of installs from Vivi Central. Product Updates: Get notified about new firmware updates and Vivi Central changes within Vivi Central. Browse through all our Product Change Log and Vivi Central Change log. Who does this affect? All IT admins and super admins.
What’s Changed? Network Statistics: View overall and per-stream network statistics for your organization. Metrics include Round Trip Time, Packet Loss, Disconnections, and Vivi's own Quality metric. These statistics will help you monitor and troubleshoot network performance. Wi-Fi Statistics: View detailed, tabular, and graphical per-device Wi-Fi statistics. Metrics include Signal Strength, Noise, Signal-to-Noise Ratio, and Transmit Rate.…