Vivi Central Change Log



What’s Changed? Guest Codes: New guest codes generated via Vivi Central or the Vivi app, are now six-digit alphanumeric and not case sensitive. Existing codes remain valid until they expire. Who does this affect? All Guest Users.
What’s Changed? Signage: A modern workflow to set up signage, playlists and destinations is available on the portal. Media: A new and improved workflow to upload your media items to be used as signage or splash/emergencies is now available. Images for Splash & Emergency: An ability to use the new media selection workflow has been added to image selection for Splashes and Emergencies as well. Who does this affect? All Presenters with signage permission, Signage admins, IT admins and Super admins.
What’s Changed? Announcements: All IT Admins can now see a log of all Video & Audio Announcements in Announcements > Video & Audio. The "Enable Announcements" feature flag will now enable Video & Audio Announcements in your organization. Organizations using Legacy Live Broadcast will not need to enable this permission to access Video & Audio Announcements. If you are using Legacy Live Broadcast and you would like to switch to the new Video & Audio Announcements,…
What's Changed? All Vivi boxes will be issued with a new SSL/TLS Certificate. All Vivi boxes will restart over the weekend of February 10th to 11th to ensure that the new certificate is applied to running services. Who does this affect? All customers.
What’s Changed? Announcements: View records of message announcements and stop a message in Vivi Central. View message details and destination. Create announcement groups. View details of the group, associated rooms, assign user permissions, and view history. To access: Navigate to the 'Announcements' section in Vivi Central. App Auto Update for Windows: Enable Windows clients to auto update. To access: Navigate to 'Organisations', then go to 'Details'.…
What’s Changed? Configure Devices: The filtered list of devices must be 500 or fewer before local connection is checked on each of the devices for further action. Who does this affect? All IT admins and super admins of organisation with greater than 500 devices.
What’s Changed? Wi-Fi Easy Installer: Create Installation profiles and add Installers to manage device deployments. Manage approvals of installs from Vivi Central. Product Updates: Get notified about new firmware updates and Vivi Central changes within Vivi Central. Browse through all our Product Change Log and Vivi Central Change log. Who does this affect? All IT admins and super admins.
What’s Changed? Network Statistics: View overall and per-stream network statistics for your organization. Metrics include Round Trip Time, Packet Loss, Disconnections, and Vivi's own Quality metric. These statistics will help you monitor and troubleshoot network performance. Wi-Fi Statistics: View detailed, tabular, and graphical per-device Wi-Fi statistics. Metrics include Signal Strength, Noise, Signal-to-Noise Ratio, and Transmit Rate.…