With firmware 2.7 and greater, multicast is being utilised to improve the efficiency and scalability of some Vivi features.

Please only enable if your network is configured to handle multicast traffic. If your network is not configured to handle multicast traffic, enabling it may cause broadcast storms and seriously degrade the performance of your network.

To enable multicast you must first navigate to the option under “Organisation” submenu. Once turned on you will have a few options

Multicast Range: This CIDR block represents the range of multicast IP addresses available to Vivi, this can be configured to whatever you use. By default, it is set to

Multicast TTL: This is the number of hops a multicast packet is allowed to propagate over your network. Configure this based on your network design.

Options beyond these will be specific to features available to be used with multicast

The feature/s that take advantage of Multicast are:

Live Broadcast: This will let you use multicast with our live broadcast feature and give you no limit to how many rooms you want to broadcast to.

We do not recommend using Vivi boxes configured to WiFi as there are known limitations with WiFi and Multicast. If there is no alternative you must ensure you are using the multicast to unicast settings on the WAPs/AP Controller.