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To create a guest code via Vivi Central:

  • Expand the "Users" menu in Vivi Central and click the "Guests" link. A list of all existing guest accounts will be shown.

  • Click "Create Guest".

  • Select the

    Organisation that the guest belongs to, and the

    Room that they need access to or leave blank to allow access everywhere.

  • Enter a name for the guest and email (optional).

  • Set the start and end


    time for the guest to have access

    . When you click on the date, it will bring up a calendar. Within the calendar there are also options to quickly give guests access for one day, one week, 30 days or one year.

    or select forever if you wish to have this as a permanent guest account

  • Click "Create".


  • Once the guest is created, Vivi Central will automatically create a


  • 6 character alpha-numeric code that the guest can use to log in to the Vivi App.