Vivi Central

Vivi Central is a web-based administration platform that allows you to manage your Vivi environments from a central location.

These tasks include managing:

  • Your organisation's account settings.

  • Background splash screens and Digital Signage.

  • User management including integration with Active Directory.

  • Location, room and Vivi Box management.

Vivi Central is located at . Log in using your email address and password. These credentials will have been provided to you by your reseller, or can be found in your Welcome email. If you cannot find them, or have lost them simply contact Vivi Support to get a new login issued.


Vivi Central Login Screen

Vivi Central menu

Vivi Central has a simple menu on the left of screen that links to the different types of configuration and admin tasks that are available.

The Vivi Central home screen gives a quick snapshot of your Vivi environment, including:

  • The number of active rooms, teachers and students.

  • The number of Vivi Boxes that are online and offline.

  • Firmware versions of the Vivi Boxes in the environment.

  • Some statistics about the top users of the system, and the number of direct video plays over the past 6 months.