Network Stats

You can now see information on how Vivi is performing on your network using the Network Stats feature in Vivi Central. To access this section, navigate to the ‘Metrics’ section on the left menu of Vivi Central and select ‘Network Stats’. You’ll be able to select a period of time to view the data in each of the metrics below and filter by platform and connection type.


The quality metric is an indicative measurement of the experience that the user has had during a screen sharing session. It is calculated based on the number of late or missing frames during a screen sharing session that may have caused a degraded experience for the user. Late or missing frames are caused by network latency and/or packet loss.

Round Trip Time (RTT)

The Round Trip Time (RTT) metric is a measurement of the latency in time it takes for data to travel from the Vivi app to the Vivi box and back again. High values can lead to a degraded user experience during screen sharing causing video corruption, freezing, lag or stutter if the data does not reach the Vivi box in time to be decoded and displayed.

Packet Loss

The Packet Loss metric is expressed as a percentage, reflecting the proportion of packets lost during a screen sharing session, this can exceed 100% if retransmissions of lost packets are also lost. Packet loss occurs when data being sent from the Vivi app and the Vivi box is lost during transmission over the network. Packet loss can lead to a degraded user experience during screen sharing causing video corruption, freezing, lag or stutter if the data cannot be re-sent in time.


Disconnections refer to instances where a screen sharing session ends unexpectedly, without the user pressing the 'Stop' button within the Vivi App. They can be an indication of a network failure such as connectivity issues or latency and/or packet loss reaching unrecoverable levels. They can also be caused by a user's device going to sleep, running out of battery or shutting down their device without first stopping the screen sharing session.

Individual Session Results

By clicking on the Location and then the Room of each of the metrics above, you’ll be able to see granular data on each of the unique streams that have taken place in that Room over the period you’ve selected.

This information will include:

  • The time and date the stream start

  • The Room the stream was in

  • The user who initiated the stream

  • The platform and streaming method

  • The duration of the steam

  • The Quality, RTT, Packet Loss % and Disconnection method all condensed into each stream

  • The network connection type of the Vivi in the room

This screen will help you understand how streams are performing in one holistic window for each of your users and is a great way to troubleshoot any issues that your users are reporting. Please refer to our Packet Loss and Round Trip Time troubleshooting pages for general guidance.