USB Passthrough

What is USB Passthrough?

USB Passthrough is available version from 3.2.0 and currently only for Windows. USB Passthrough allows external USB devices (such as webcams) to be connected to directly to your Vivi unit and pass the connection through wirelessly to your device.

USB Passthrough is in beta and we cannot guarantee all devices will work

To activate the feature by navigating to Organisation > Features > Enable USB Passthrough option. The box and app will have to be restarted after enabling this to ensure everything is working.


You will also need to enable this feature for the room that you want to use in Vivi Central Room settings:

  • Navigate to the room and under ‘Details’ you will find ‘Enable USB Passthrough’ at the bottom of the page.

After the updates, you can find a new icon on the top right corner, in your room’s home page in the app.

If you are plugging in the device for the first time, you will need to restart the Vivi unit. Once restarted, you can click on the USB icon in the Vivi app to see the USB device(s) plugged in.

Click “Connect” to start using the device like a regular USB device connected to your laptop/desktop.

Troubleshooting USB Passthrough

  • Verify that the box and app version is up to date at a minimum of version 3.2.0

  • Check that the feature is enabled on Vivi Central on and org and room level

  • Restart the Vivi unit and App if any updates or changes are made

  • Confirm what Vivi App version the end user has installed