1. How to Get Vivi

The Vivi App

Before you start working with Vivi, you will need to download the Vivi app. 

There are two ways of getting the Vivi app: 

  1. Self-install - If you manage your own device, install the appropriate software from https://get.vivi.io or from your device’s app store. 

  1. Enterprise Installation - If your organisation manages the applications on your device, please consult your IT Administrator. 

Visiting https://get.vivi.io in a web browser on your device will automatically download the appropriate Vivi App for your device. You may need to open or run the Vivi software after the download is complete to complete the installation. Alternatively, download Vivi from your device’s App Store or Google Play store. 

The Vivi app will work on most devices - Windows, Mac, iOS (including iPads and iPhones), Android, and Linux.


The Vivi Web App

If using a device where apps are unable to be installed (including Chromebooks), the Vivi Web App can be used instead. To access, visit https://app.vivi.io/.

Most functionality is available however there are some limitations including the inability to use Live Broadcast, USB Passthrough, and the Floating Toolbar. For a full list, please visit: https://vivi.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SHUB/pages/1591508993


Screenshots used throughout this user guide are based on the app version of Vivi.