8. Emergency Broadcast

Triggering an Emergency

Triggering emergencies should only ever be done in a real emergency (or when practicing in an organised drill) as doing so will interrupt all presenting across the location or entire organisation.

Only select people will be able to trigger emergencies within an organisation.

To trigger an emergency, select the running person icon from the top right hand corner of the Vivi app.


Select the type of emergency then select confirm. Different organisations will have different emergency types so choose the one that is relevant to the particular emergency.


You may be prompted to select a location. Use the dropdown to choose the relevant location where the emergency needs to be triggered then select Confirm to begin the emergency.

During an Emergency

If an emergency is in progress, within the Vivi app, locations where the emergency is happening will flash red.

In an individual room, a splash screen will appear with more information on the emergency. Organisations can customise these screens so they may look different on your device.

Classroom displays within the location where the emergency is triggered will also show the splash screen and no one will be able to present to the display until the emergency has ended.

Cancelling an Emergency

If you triggered the emergency, you will be able to end the emergency through the Vivi app. To do this, connect to a room where the emergency is currently happening and select Cancel from the pop-up. Once cancelled, all Vivi apps and classroom displays will return to normal functionality.