7. Guest Presenters

When having guests into the classroom, such as guest presenters, teachers are able give these guests temporary presenter access to Vivi in a particular room.

The instructions below are for creating temporary Guest Codes that are restricted to a single classroom. IT Administrators are able to create Guest Codes through Vivi Central that work for longer than the maximum 24 hours teachers can create, and that can work across multiple rooms.

Creating a Guest Code

To create a temporary guest access code, select the icon of a person with a + sign from the upper right-hand corner when connected to a room.


In the pop-up, choose how long the Guest Code needs to last for, between 30 minutes and 24 hours, then select Create Guest Code.


A four letter code will then be generated and displayed in the pop-up. Click anywhere outside the pop-up to close it.

Logging In as a Guest

Any guest presenters will need to have access to your organisation’s WiFi network. For some organisations, there is a guest WiFi network that will work, other organisations will need to use the regular WiFi network.

Once connected to the organisation’s network, if they haven’t already, the guest should install the Vivi app on their device from http://get.vivi.io/. Once installed, they can open the app and select the organisation. On the login screen, they select Log In As Guest.

Alternatively, from the organisation select page, they can select the Click Here next to ‘Have a guest access code?’

The guest then enters the Guest Code generated by the teacher, enters their name, then selects Log In As Guest. Upon logging in, they may be prompted to agree to Vivi’s End User Licence.

On the rooms list, they will only see the room the teacher has generated the room code in. They select this room to begin. Once in the room, they will have full access to the different features.