6. Multi-Display Rooms

Multi-Display Rooms are rooms within Vivi that have more than one classroom display connected to the one room. You can share content to either a single display, to a combination of display, or to all displays.

Sharing in a Multi-Display Room

When connected to a Multi Display Room, when Share Screen is selected, you will be presented with option of where you would like to share the content to. You can choose with All Displays to share the same content to every display, or chose a combination of different displays then select Share Screen.


Similarly, when using other features, such as Play Content, you can also select which displays that content will be shared to.


You can also do a combination of different screens. For example, you could play a video on two of the screens within the set up shown above, and then Share Screen to the third display with some instructions on it for students to refer to.

Students in a Multi-Display Room

When passing control to students, you are able to select if they have control of all displays or individual displays. By using the individual displays, you can give control of each display to different students.

Controlling a Multi-Display Room

When in a Multi-Display room, the lower tool bar adds a drop down that allows you to select individual displays and use the different controls on these display. You can also use the Stop All button if you want to stop and sharing all displays in the classroom.