Google Slides

To use Google Slides with our Digital Signage platform you need to first log in and sync your account in three easy steps!

Logging into Google Drive for Google Slides

  1. Click "Media" in Vivi Central

  2. Click the "Add Media" button on the far upper-right of your screen

  3. You will be prompted to log in with your Google account

Once logged in you will be asked to accept the access terms of this integration (You will need to allow this for the integration to work).  You will then be able to choose from your Google Slides.


What if I want to limit administrative staff access to Vivi Central?

  • Using Google Slides is made for this!  If you give your admin staffer access to the Google Slide deck, any changes they make will show up in the digital signage (default 3600 second refresh check)!

What if I want to have a set group of slides for each area (Gym, Hallways, Cafeteria)?

  • Google Slides is perfect for this.  Just make a deck (let's call it NEWS for example) and put it as the first item in all your signage.  Every day the admin staffer updates the deck, it will push out to all these locations.  It can then be followed up with signage specific to these rooms (athletic meets/events, weather, lunch menu for the day).  So convenient!

Unlinking your Google account will remove the media from Vivi Central.