Mac Native Streaming

Schools that use MacOS can now stream directly to their Vivi-enabled display instead of using AirPlay. This can be done individually as a Presenter from within the Vivi app or enabled organisation-wide by IT Admins in Vivi Central.

You will also need to use version 2.21.0 or of the Vivi app and have your Vivi at version 2.8 and above. Get the latest versions here.

Enabling Mac Native Streaming within Vivi App

  1. Log into the Vivi app

  2. Connect to a Room

  3. Click the Settings ‘Cog’ button

  4. Select “Native” from the Streaming Method options

  5. Click the “Back” button

Allowing Permissions On Mac

In order for Mac Native streaming to work, you will need to allow the Vivi application to record your screen and access your microphone: both will be displayed in its own prompt.

After selecting Native as the streaming method, you will be required to allow permissions for Vivi to access to the Microphone and Screen Recording settings. When connected to a room and clicking ‘Screen Share’, the following pop up will appear:

Click on the ‘Open Microphone Preferences’ & ‘Open Screen Recording Preferences’ button to navigate directly to the system preferences. Once there, tick the checkbox next to Vivi under each of the options.


Enabling Mac Native Streaming Organisation-wide in Vivi Central

  1. Log into Vivi Central using your IT Admin credentials

  2. Click the “Organisation” section on the left panel

  3. Select the “Stream” section along the top and click the yellow “Edit” button

  4. Select “Native” from the Default Mac Streaming Method options. You can also choose to enforce this selection by ticking the box below.

Note: As an IT Admin, you might have to instruct your users to clear their cache before this change will take effect. To do this, have them simply log out > click “Switch Schools” > Find and select your school > Log back in.