Welcome to the Vivi Product Change Log!

This is your new home for up to date information regarding our latest product releases, where we will keep you informed of any major, feature or bug releases.

Latest news

This month, we made the jump from version 1.8 to 2.0. There were significant changes in some of the underlying technology which drives our solution and due to this, we have progressed to the next number increment.

Our version numbers will now follow the this format: <major>.<feature>.<bug> and this will be applicable for both the Vivi Receiver and the Vivi App. Please also note:


Major releases will be reserved for significant changes to the product and will be communicated to all our customers via email.


Feature releases will happen every 6 – 12 weeks and will be communicated to all our customers via email.


Bug releases will happen whenever there is a customer affecting bug that is fixed and ready for release.


We will also label releases recommended or optional:


Recommended releases will contain new functionality or critical bug fixes that we feel will be beneficial to all organisations. These release will prompt for upgrades.


Optional releases will contain new functionality or bug fixes that aren’t necessarily relevant to all organisations and only need to be installed if the organisation is affected by the bugs or wishes to take advantage of the new functionality.

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