Vivi Receiver Release 2.1.0 / App Release 2.14.0 (Recommended)

What's changed?

  • Volume and Mute Controls: When a teacher or student is presenting their screen or using the Video Direct feature there are now volume and mute controls available in the Vivi App
  • Auto-Mute Device Audio: Windows users have the option to automatically mute the audio from their devices speaker whenever they begin presenting their screen and revert back to the original volume setting once they stop presenting.
  • Annotation Suite: As well as being able to annotate a screenshot from the classroom display, there are also options to annotate on a blank Virtual Whiteboard or have the background set on our Virtual Whiteboard from a file on the Vivi user’s local device.
  • Vivi App Help Page: A Help Page accessible via a question mark icon on the top toolbar of the Vivi App.
  • Shortcut Keys: A number of Shortcut Keys are now available, to improve accessibility when using the Vivi App.
  • Interactive Digital Signage Websites (Beta): Interactive touch can be enabled when using content from external websites or local intranets with our Digital Signage feature.
  • Local Video Fixes: Students are now able to play local video files if given control. Local video files now work on more than two screens in a multi-display room.
  • Splash Screen Fix: Fixed corruption of Splash Screens on Vivi Receivers.
  • Receiver Timezone: Vivi Receivers are now set to the local timezone.
  • Pause Screen Fix: Corrected play button behaviour after pausing screen.
  • Android Improvements: Improved streaming and the addition of Movie Mode.

Who does this affect?

All Vivi users.

Who should update to this release?

It is recommended that all users upgrade to this version.

Download Vivi Receiver Firmware 2.1.0