Message Announcements

The Announcements feature allows you to display important messages across your Vivi fleet. These messages will appear as text with a 150 character limit.


  1. Firmware version 3.7.0 or newer installed on the Vivi boxes.

  2. Vivi App version 3.7.0 or newer installed on the end user device.

  3. To use the feature you’ll need to be assigned the Announcer role or be assigned permission to an announcer group.

How to use Announcements

Triggering Announcements

  1. Open the Vivi App and select the Announcements option at the top of the window located next to Rooms.

  1. Click + Add Destination and select where you want to send the Announcement. You can select from Locations, Rooms or Announcement Groups. Multiple locations and/or rooms can also be selected at the same time.

Locations and Rooms are only visible to users with the Announcer role. Presenters given permission to specific announcement groups will only see those groups as options.

  1. Enter the Announcement message you want to display. Multiple messages scheduled at the same time will rotate every 15 seconds.

  2. Select the duration of the message. You can set it to appear for anywhere between 1 to 15 minutes.

  1. Click Send Now to send the announcement out to the selected Rooms/Locations. The location of the announcement banner differs based on the current usage of the room:

    • Splash - Banner at the Top of the screen

    • Share Screen, Play Content & Digital Signage - Banner at the Bottom of the screen

    • Emergencies - Announcements are not displayed

Ending Announcements

Announcements can be ended before the set duration both through the Vivi App and Vivi Central.

Vivi App

While an announcement is in progress the user who initiated the message will see a green banner displayed at the top of the Announcements tab.

Simply click the End Announcement > End button to end the announcement.

Note: Only the most recent announcement can be ended via the Vivi app button. Any previous announcements will need to be ended via Vivi Central as shown below.

Vivi Central

Announcements can also be cancelled by IT admins through Vivi Central under the Announcements > Messages menu. This menu will display a list of all In progress and Completed announcements.

Announcements can be ended manually by clicking the red End button.


Creating Announcement Groups

Announcement Groups can be used to grant Presenters announcement access to specified groups of Vivi rooms.

  1. Sign into Vivi Central.

  2. Select Announcements > Groups from the left hand menu.

  3. Click the yellow Create Announcement Group button located in the top right.

  1. Select the Rooms and/or locations to be included in the Announcement Group.

  1. Enter a name for your Announcement group and click the Create button to finalise the group creation.

  2. Next to assign users access to the Announcement Group click the name of the group, open the Permissions tab and select Add Users.

  3. Add the required users from the list and click Submit to apply permissions.

  1. To enable users to send Message Announcements to this group open the Details Tab Click Edit, toggle the Enable Message Announcements option and Save Changes.