Video Announcements

The Video Announcements feature allows you to broadcast a live video stream to any Vivi-enabled displays in the School using your device’s webcam and microphone.

The Announcer is able to select the broadcast destination from a list of Announcement groups, choose their webcam and microphone, go live, and stop the broadcast at any time.

In rooms being broadcast to the Video Announcement will take precedence over any content being shown on the Vivi except for Emergency Alerts, such as content being shared by the teacher, student(s), or digital signage.

This page details the prerequisites and configuration required in Vivi Central to allow users to access the Video Announcements feature.

Once this has been configured, Instructions for accessing and using the Video Announcements feature within the App can be found on the following Video Announcements User Guide Page


  1. Vivi boxes must have firmware version 3.7.3 or a more recent version installed.

  2. End user devices should have Vivi App version 3.7.3 or a more recent version installed.

  3. Video announcements are compatible only with Windows and MacOS devices.

  4. Create Announcement Groups to define the rooms that will be included in the broadcast.

  5. Assign permissions to users to the Announcement group where they need to broadcast Video announcements.

Note: The broadcasting client device requires the following ports open in order to use Video Announcements:

  • Outbound TCP - 12819

  • Outbound UDP - 12821-12824

  • Inbound UDP - 12820-13999

For more details see our Internal Ports documentation

It is strongly recommend the Broadcasting device is running on ethernet to ensure the best possible performance.

Creating Announcement Groups

Announcement Groups can be used to grant users announcement access to specified groups of Vivi rooms. In order to use Video announcements a user must be a member of at least one Announcement Group

Announcement Groups can be created following the below instructions:

  1. Sign into Vivi Central.

  2. Select Announcements > Groups from the left hand menu.

  3. Click the yellow Create Announcement Group button located in the top right.

  1. Select the Rooms to be included in the Announcement Group.

  1. Enter a name for your Announcement group and click the Create button to finalise the group creation.

  2. Next to assign users access to the Announcement Group click the name of the group, open the Permissions tab and select Add Users.

  3. Add the required users from the list and click Submit to apply permissions.

Vivi Central Announcement Options

IT Admins have the ability to see a list of In Progress Announcements within their Organisation including the option to End them from Vivi Central.

The list will also log a record of all Completed Video announcements.

The page is found in Vivi Central under Announcements > Video & Audio.

IT Admins also have the ability to configure Organisation wide Quality and Frame rate settings for Video Announcements in Vivi Central under the Organisation > Announcement Tab.