CommBox Launch on Boot

From Android OS 10, users that wish to enable the ‘Launch on Boot’ feature which allows the Vivi Receiver app to automatically launch after a CommBox has been switched on will need to toggle the feature in both the Vivi Receiver application settings on the CommBox and through Web Console on the Vivi App in Vivi Central

This article is only relevant if your Commbox Android OS version is v10 or greater. Any OS version lower than v10 will only need to enable the feature through the second step in this article.

Enabling the feature on the Vivi receiver app

On the CommBox, navigate to Settings > Application > Vivi Receiver and toggle the ‘Display over Other Apps’ section under the the Advanced section at the bottom of the page (see screenshot below)

Enabling the feature in Vivi Central

Login to Vivi Central and navigate to Devices > Configure Apps and locate the CommBox you wish to toggle the feature on for. Ensure it’s online and login to it’s Web Console by clicking on the IP Address then navigate to the 'Boot Options' section and click the check box to enable it.