Firmware Updates

The Vivi team is committed to regular firmware updates, both from a maintenance and new feature perspective. Vivi is a cross-platform solution, and updates are necessary to continue to support newly released operating systems. The most common example is iOS; when the latest version of iOS is released, a small firmware update may be required to ensure ongoing support for Apple devices.

Fortunately, updating firmware is a simple process. If you are just updating one Box, you can run a manual firmware update. For multiple Box updates, it is recommended to use the "Firmware Update" feature in Vivi Central's Configure Devices section.

Manual Firmware Update

The Vivi team aim to ship each Vivi Box with the most up-to-date firmware, however there is occasionally a delay between the time a Box is manufactured and our despatch to you. As such, an update to the latest firmware may be required.

To update the firmware:

  • Download the latest firmware update file from It will have a filename which includes the firmware version such as "update.2.3.3.tar".

  • Go to "Manual Update" link in the Web Console.

  • Select the firmware update file.

  • The file will be loaded and the firmware will be updated.

  • A progress bar will be displayed to indicate the installation progress, after which the Box will restart. This process may take up to 10 minutes.

Manual firmware update in progress

Firmware Version Numbers

Due to the cross-platform nature of Vivi, updates to the Vivi Box firmware are released regularly.

Customers are notified via email when a new release is available.

Firmware releases are broken into three categories:

  • Major releases are reserved for significant changes to the product.

  • Feature releases occur every 6 – 12 weeks.

  • Maintenance releases occur whenever there is a customer-affecting issue that is fixed and ready for release.

Releases are labelled as "recommended" or "optional":

  • Recommended releases contain new functionality or critical defect fixes that are beneficial to all organisations. These releases will prompt users to upgrade their Vivi App.

  • Optional releases contain new functionality or defect fixes that aren't necessarily relevant to all organisations and only need to be installed if the organisation is affected by the defects or wishes to take advantage of the new functionality.

Firmware version numbers are structured as follow: <major release number>.<feature release number>.<maintenance release number>.

This number format is applicable for both the Vivi Box and the Vivi App.