Managing More Than One Organisation

If you manage multiple Vivi Accounts – for example, if you provide Shared ICT Services – you may wish to contact Vivi about setting up a "Super Administrator" Account.

Super Admins can manage multiple Vivi accounts without needing additional logins; the individual accounts can still maintain their own local administrators and view their own Vivi environments – this simply adds an additional management level.

Vivi have several examples of this approach working well for School Associations and Managed Service Providers. Please contact Vivi Support directly if this applies to you.

One of the primary benefits of Super Admin accounts is that the parent organisation can provide inheritance for shared Active Directory instances. This works with both SAML and LDAP and requires only that each student account has a unique identification number applied.

Please note: The steps in this Admin Guide are written for administrators who manage one organisation. If you manage multiple organisations, you will often need to select the organisation that you want to manage when modifying the configuration.

The left menu is also updated to have an "Organisations" link, instead of the "Organisation" link that is referred to in this Admin Guide.