Deleting a User

To delete a user:

  • Select the "Users" link in Vivi Central. A list of existing users will be displayed.
  • Find the user to be deleted, and click the "Delete" button next to the corresponding user.
  • Confirm that the user is to be deleted.

Please note (for non-Vivi authentication only): If a deleted user logs into the Vivi App again, they will be automatically re-created in Vivi Central.


Users can be assigned to one of the following roles:



IT Admin

IT Admins get full access to Vivi Central for their organisation.

E-Learning Admin

E-Learning Admins have restricted access to view Metrics in Vivi Central. E-Learning Admins are also given read-only access view organisation information.

Emergency Authorised

If "All Presenters Can Trigger Emergencies" is set to false, this role will grant this user the ability to trigger emergencies.


Presenters have the ability to access Displays through the Vivi App and can allow provide access to others in the room.

Signage Admin

Signage Admin have access to manage Digital Signage.


Students have restricted access. They can be permitted to share their screen by a Presenter. If no roles are assigned to a user, they are given student access.

Roles can be assigned by:

  • Creating a relevant access control group in an external authentication source, or
  • Editing users and adding the roles.

If an external authentication source is being used, but a relevant access control group hasn't been specified, roles can be manually granted to users via Vivi Central. Refer to the Authentication section for more information about setting up external authentication.