Student Guest Codes

Student Guest Codes facilitate access to the Vivi app on devices shared among students. This method involves generating a unique, temporary code on Vivi Central that students can use to quickly log into Vivi without needing an account. This solution is advantageous in classrooms where students use shared devices and need a simple way to access the Vivi app.

Creating Student Guest Codes

  1. In Vivi Central navigate to Users > Guests > Create Guest

  1. Create a Guest User by inputting Name, setting a Duration, and selecting Student as the Role.

  1. Once created you can distribute the guest codes to students (one guest code per shared device).

Signing in with Student Guest Codes

  1. When students open the Vivi app, they can select the Have a guest access code? option to sign in with a Guest code.

2. Enter the Guest code and a name and then click Log in as Guest

3. The user will now be signed in as a Guest Student and will be able to join Rooms within the Organisation